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Creating an online business is only the begining, but what do you do when your website is complete? Online Traffic is the bread and butter of every website. No doubt, you need to find a quick way of getting exposure, and the answer is GOOGLE!

Google's Dominance

In Australia Google has a massive market share as far as search engines are concerned. It accounts for over 85% of searches carried out on the Internet. It has achieved popularity because it is fast and it returns pertinent pages relative to the keywords used. That is why Internet users in Australia have given Google the thumbs up. It is reported that worldwide over 200 Million searches are carried out daily on Google.
If you are not listed on Google, you will not get many visits

SEO for Google

"How do I get my website listed on Google?" you may ask. The short answer is that you submit your site to Google. However submitting the website will not automatically boost traffic, your page must become prominent amongst million others. Your website will not get many visits if you are not ranked amongst the top 30 search results. Therefore, doesn't it make sense to put Google page Optimisation on top of your Internet Marketing strategy? The side-benefit is that if you do well in Google, by default you will automatically do well on other search engines.

Optimising your Google Ranking

If you do have a website, then first we need to appraise where the site stands in relation to your competitions' results. We can then research your keywords and choose the one's that give you an edge to boost your traffic. The next stage will provide us with the necessary starting point in getting your website that added traffic.

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